George Church is recognized as the world’s foremost expert in synthetic biology, which makes his current project that much more exciting. The Harvard Medical School biologist recently launched Rejuvenate Bio on the premise that he could reverse aging in dogs. Church’s company is testing their process on beagles, hoping to be able to instruct DNA … Continue reading


Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years and it’s not fading away any time soon. Marketing trends come and go, but recent consumer preferences related to advertising all point to the fact that people don’t like being advertised to. Instead, consumers want to discover products and services in a more natural way, through recommendations made … Continue reading

Business conferences can be an ideal way to learn a myriad of new industry information in any chosen field while connecting and networking with like-minded colleagues. However, these long days can often lead to attendees feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the event. Conferences are a great way to make new connections and … Continue reading

Even for the best companies, customers come and go. For this reason, marketing strategies often focus on methods for acquiring new customers. However, such a narrow approach can lock businesses out of other important paths toward sustainable growth. Generally speaking, the cost of acquiring customers exceeds the cost of retaining existing customers. Therefore, by expanding … Continue reading

How to Use AI in Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence, AI, has proven valuable in nearly every area of business operations from manufacturing to marketing. AI has had a profound impact on marketing, facilitating, and influencing the way companies obtain customers and clients as well as how they manage the customer relationship. For marketers, there is intrinsic value in working on … Continue reading How to Use AI in Marketing

Despite the proliferation of rapid developments in technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence, an effective sales staff is still a vital part of any successful business. The most effective salespeople understand that the keys to success lie in how they relate to people and nurture client relationships. Here are a few invaluable tips to remember when … Continue reading

3 Ways to Protect Your Information on Facebook

While Facebook currently has over 1 billion users, there has been an uptick in privacy concerns over the last year regarding millions of users in the United States alone. Since the Cambridge Analytica data breach, a higher number of people than before are concerned with their privacy when using Facebook. Knowing how to protect your information on … Continue reading 3 Ways to Protect Your Information on Facebook